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About HomeDNA

HomeDNA is a suite of high-quality, accurate DNA tests for savvy customers like you who want to harness the power of the info contained in your own DNA. Gain new insights into yourself, improve your quality of life, and have fun making new discoveries. HomeDNA kits for Health & Beauty, Ancestry, and Pets are proudly offered by DNA Diagnostics Center (“DDC”) on the shelves at retailers nationwide and online. The expertise of the DDC lab staff is second to none, and our reputation for excellence in the industry speaks for itself. So go ahead—we invite you to see the exciting products we offer and discover what makes you…YOU.

We make at-home genetic testing easy and fast. Best of all, your results are guaranteed accurate, so you can test with confidence.

You’re busy, and we get it. So all HomeDNA tests are designed with your lifestyle and ease-of-use in mind. Collect your DNA quickly and painlessly in the comfort of your own living room—no need to pay costly fees for doctor or clinic visits. All kits have easy-to-follow instructions for a trouble-free experience. Just swab, drop in a mailbox, and we’ll take care of the rest! Results are posted to your secure online account and transactions are absolutely confidential. Worried about your data? Don’t be—we never (ever, ever) sell your DNA data or results to third parties. We take your trust in us very seriously, and it shows.

About Us

About DNA Diagnostics Center

Established in 1995, DDC was founded on the belief that the technological advancements in DNA testing should translate to services that are accessible and affordable to everyone. We have built an international reputation based on our commitment to reliability, innovation, and value by offering DNA testing services for paternity and other family relationships, forensics, genetic trait tests for animal breeders and veterinarians, and ancestry research. DDC DNA testing services are nationally and internationally recognised through multiple accreditations. Never content to rest on our laurels, DDC is committed to continually stretching industry boundaries and bringing new DNA testing products to the market that are useful, easy to use, and affordable.

As a leader in DNA testing, we offer a fully-accredited laboratory with cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy. Our dedicated team of expert PhDs conduct results-screening, testing, and research. Internationally recognized and respected as leaders in the scientific community, our team are regularly publishing new findings and speaking publicly about their research. We are proud of our secured lab facility in Fairfield, Ohio, and maintain established screening protocols, guaranteeing the privacy of our customers and expert handling of all samples. With a 20-year record of trust, a commitment to perfection, and careful attention to exceeding our customers’ expectations, you can test with sureness, knowing you’re in excellent hands.


As a leader in DNA testing, we offer:

  • Multiple Accreditations

    A fully-accredited laboratory with cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy

  • Accuracy Assured

    Expert PhDs to conduct results screening, testing and research

  • Privacy & Security

    A secured facility with established screening protocols guarantees privacy and security