Cat DNA Health Screen and Life Plan™

Screen your cat for over 40 genetic diseases and traits, and get a customized Life Plan for your pet





Help your cat enjoy a healthier life!

The Cat DNA Health Screen & Life Plan screens your pet’s DNA sample for over 40 genetic diseases and traits. You collect the sample at home, and it’s easy! As a bonus, this test also provides an interactive online Life Plan to help you meet your cat’s health needs through his or her lifetime. Results are mailed to you within three (3) weeks.

Kit Contents:

  • Sterile DNA collection brushes
  • Information brochure as well as instructions for DNA collection
  • Self-addressed, postage-paid envelope for returning samples to the lab

Results Back:

  • Within 3 weeks (via direct email from



The  Cat DNA Health Screen & Life Plan is an at-home, feline-specific genetic test that allows you to learn about any possible health and wellness risks that may be present in your cat’s DNA. You also find out which physical traits are in your cat’s genes. So if you’ve ever wondered where your cat gets the extra fluffiness in his or her tail, now you can find out! As a bonus, the screen also includes a personalized “Life Plan” with suggestions specific to your cat to help optimize overall wellness now and at every stage of life.

You just swab the inside of your cat's cheek and return sample to the Orivet lab via prepaid envelope. Within 3 weeks of receipt of samples at the lab, results are emailed directly to you. You can then log on to your Orivet account to view detailed results and manage your cat’s Life Plan!

Why it’s important to know the information in your cat’s DNA

As a pet owner, you want to know as much information as possible about any potential health risks for your beloved cat. With knowledge from your cat’s genetics, you can make more informed decisions about their health-care needs earlier—possibly mitigating or even preventing illness down the road.

What you can do within your Orivet account after testing

One of the great features of this test is your pet’s online Life Plan, which you access through your secure account at Within the Life Plan, you can record and manage all aspects of your cat’s care: schedule calendar alerts for pet appointments, plan medication reminders, interface with pet-care providers, and more.

Benefits of the Cat DNA Health Screen & Life Plan

  • Screen your cat’s DNA for over 40 genetic diseases and traits
  • Be a more active participant in health and wellness decisions—knowledge is power
  • Invite your veterinarian to use the report as a resource for health-care decisions
  • Use the Life Plan to more effectively organize your pet’s health care

Test Results Include:

  • Easy-to-understand information about your cat’s risk for particular diseases, and details about their inherited traits
  • A basic health schedule and Life Plan to help you better care for your pet

View Cat DNA Health Screen and Life Plan Brochure

View Sample Cat Life Plan

View Swab Collection Instructions

The Science

The Science

The Science behind the Cat DNA Health Screen & Life Plan

  • DNA is extracted from your cat’s cheek sample and is screened for 40+ inherited traits and diseases
  • Experienced and highly-trained analysts then prepare a comprehensive report outlining information about and/or risks for these diseases and traits

How It Works

How It Works

Get your Cat DNA Health Screen & Life Plan in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Order Kit: Place your order through our online store and we’ll ship your DNA collection kit to your preferred address
  2. Send DNA: Use the simple kit to collect your pet’s DNA and mail samples to the lab
  3. Activate Account: Visit, click “Activate Kit” and follow instructions
  4. Get Report: Within three (3) weeks after samples arrive at the lab, results are emailed directly to you and Life Plan for your pet is made available in your online account at
  5. Download Report: Download the report to store this important record on your home computer



The Cat DNA Health Screen & Life Plan is an at-home, feline genetic test that allows you to learn about specific health-care risks present in your cat’s DNA as well as details about their physical traits, such as their blood group, which is useful if surgery is ever needed.
Visit, click “Activate Kit” and follow instructions.
Once samples are received at the lab, your results are ready within three (3) weeks.
At this time, the test is only available to U.S. customers.
DNA is collected via sterile DNA brushes included in your kit. Following kit instructions, you swab the inside of your cat’s cheek yourself: no vet participation required!
Test results are emailed to you. You can then log in to your Orivet account for test details and to view and manage your pet’s Life Plan.
No. You access your pet’s report and Life Plan through
Absolutely. In fact, it’s encouraged! Orivet can work with any veterinarian. A pet owner will be asked to name a veterinarian to receive a copy of their reports, and if they register (free) they can have full access to your pet’s Life Plan. Orivet encourages veterinary involvement to enjoy the full benefits the Life Plan has to offer.

You should contact Orivet directly with questions, and they’ll be happy to help you!

Phone: 844-40RIVET


About This Brand

About This Brand

Orivet’s mission is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your pet with fully-personalized, breed-specific care. Orivet was founded on the premise that each and every pet is unique, with its own set of specific traits, behaviors, genetic health needs, and inherent risks. Orivet works with pet owners, breeders, and vets to provide completely personalized products and services that treat and care for pets as the unique individuals they are, taking into account each pet’s genetic makeup, age, sex and lifestyle.

Through this Orivet aims to encourage the development of a deep, genuine and lasting bond between pets and their owners.

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