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America's #1 selling paternity test -- fast, accurate, and confidential.

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America’s #1 selling paternity test at pharmacy!

With  millions of satisfied customers, it's easy to see why the HomeDNA Paternity Test (formerly IDENTIGENE®) is America’s most trusted DNA test at pharmacy. Get the kit and see for yourself why more people choose us for paternity-testing services.

This kit is available to purchase only from retailers—either in-store or online. Click below to buy online from your favorite retailer, or stop in at a store near you. 

  • Accuracy assured
  • Confidential (securely encrypted online access)
  • Test is for one (1) child + one (1) possible father + the biological mother (mother’s participation optional, but recommended)
  • Convenient at-home DNA collection
  • Results available online or by mail

Kit Contents:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Payment form (if you choose not to pay online)
  • Cheek swabs for DNA collection (possible father, child, biological mother - optional)
  • Storage envelopes for DNA samples
  • Postage-paid envelope for returning samples to the lab (U.S. customers only)

Results Back:

  • Results are posted just two (2) days after receipt of samples at the lab. 1-day and same-day results available for an additional fee

Store price includes DNA-collection kit only. Additional lab fee required when submitting samples for testing. 

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HomeDNA Paternity, formerly IDENTIGENE®, is America’s #1 paternity test. This bestselling DNA test provides fast, accurate, and confidential paternity results in just one business day once samples arrive at our lab. HomeDNA is the affordable, trusted answer that you need, and it's easy! 

This kit is available to purchase only from retailers—either in-store or online. Click below to buy online from your favorite retailer, or stop in at a store near you. 


  • Peace of mind knowing who the father is
  • Dual Process™ testing means every saliva sample is tested two times by separate lab teams to guarantee results accuracy
  • Fast turn-around time—only two (2) business days to get an answer
  • Results review and sign-off by a trained PhD

Test Results Include:

  • A complete report detailing whether the possible father tested is included or excluded

1-day and same-day results are also available for an additional fee.

This item is NOT for New York Residents.

New York Residents: The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) requires a doctor (or lawyer) authorization and a witnessed collection (additional fees apply) for all in-state paternity tests. Paternity testing at home is not allowed.

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The Science

The Science

The Science Behind the Test

Extracting the DNA

Genetic scientists and technicians use many methods to extract DNA from cells. All methods use three basic steps:

  1. Lysing (breaking open) the cells
  2. Separating the DNA from the rest of the cell
  3. Collecting the pure DNA in a single sample, ready for testing

Using a special chemical process, we break open the collected cells. This separates the DNA from the nucleus and leaves the scientist with a liquid that contains DNA along with other cell parts not needed for testing, such as proteins and lipids. We then separate the DNA from the other cell parts using sophisticated robotics.

The extraction robot uses more chemicals to transfer the DNA mixture to tiny silica-based nano-beads (one billionth of a meter in size); the DNA sticks to the beads while the other cell parts are washed away.

The final step, the elution step, removes the DNA from the beads. The robot collects the pure DNA, which is now ready for the next step in the paternity testing process.

PCR: Amplifying (Copying) the DNA

The DNA scientist puts the extracted DNA into a special solution containing primers. Like toner in a biological copy machine, primers find and make copies of the DNA sample-just those specific regions that we need for a paternity test.

The copy process begins by separating the double-stranded DNA-simply by turning up the heat. As the solution cools, the primers bind to single-stranded DNA, making two copies of the original. We repeat this process (heating and cooling the DNA and the primers) 28 times, making millions of copies of tiny DNA fragments that can now be detected and viewed by a special machine called a genetic analyzer.

Scientists refer to this ‘biological copy machine’ process as Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR.

Measuring DNA for Paternity Testing

The complete PCR process makes copies of 16-18 Genetic Systems (sometimes called markers or loci) to make one DNA Profile: 15-17 markers useful for paternity and one (1) gender marker (used for test-participant verification). Each individual person has different sizes or lengths of DNA fragments at each Genetic System. Special software measures the different sizes of the DNA sections, represented by two numbers (alleles) at each Genetic System on your paternity test report. We then use this information to answer your paternity question.

Paternity Test Reporting

A child’s DNA Profile is always a combination of half the father’s markers and half the mother’s markers. If the tested (possible) father does not share matching markers with the child, then the tested man is excluded as the biological father (he is not the father). If the DNA Profiles do match, the father is not excluded (he is the father) and the probability of paternity is reported (typically greater than 99.99%).

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How It Works

How It Works

5 Easy Steps to Get your HomeDNA Paternity Analysis + Report

  1. BUY KIT: Order online by clicking your favorite retailer below or check for a store near you that carries the DNA collection kit
  2. REGISTER KIT: Register your kit’s barcode and pay the $139 lab fee online
  3. COLLECT DNA: Use the cheek swabs found in the kit to collect the DNA from all participants and mail the samples to our lab
  4. ANALYZE DNA: You receive an email when your samples arrive at our fully-accredited lab 
  5. RECEIVE REPORT: You are notified via email when your report has been uploaded to your secure online account and is ready for viewing. Want results even faster? 1-day and same-day results are available for an additional fee

Mailing time: If using the postage-paid envelope included in the kit, please allow 7-10 business days for samples to arrive at the lab. For faster mailing time, you're welcome to send samples via first-class mail or courier service.

If you need results for court: Results from testing using this at-home kit are not court-admissible. If you need testing for legal reasons, do not open the kit, and please contact us directly at 800-344-9583. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Purchase the kit at participating retailers
  2. Register your paternity test kit online by using our test setup OR fill out the included order form and send it in with your sample envelopes
  3. Fill out the DNA sample envelope information for each participant. Write each participant's name, date of birth, race description, and (if applicable) their relationship to the other participants on the sample envelope.
Collect DNA samples by rubbing swabs on the inside of the cheek to gather cells. Cheek swabs are convenient and safe for participants of any age, including infants. Each participant should use three swabs and place them in the corresponding sample envelope provided.
Once each participant's DNA is collected, send your samples and order form (if you did not use online test setup) to the lab using the prepaid envelope included, your own envelope or an express courier like FedEx.

If you are testing for legal purposes, such as child support, child custody, immigration, or estate planning, you definitely need a court-admissible test. Courts will not accept test-results where DNA was collected at home because the identity of the participants cannot be verified. If you think you may ever need results for legal reasons (even if you may not right now), then it may be a better choice than at-home testing.

Give us a call at 888-404-4363 to arrange for legal testing with court-admissible results.

Whether for legal or personal purposes, the DNA test results and testing are the same. When testing for legal reasons, a third-party must witness the DNA collection process and verify the identity of each person being tested. Purchasers of the DNA test kit sold at drug stores qualify for a discounted test price for legal purpose testing.

Learn more about legal paternity testing, or contact us for more help and information.

Please note that New York State requires all paternity testing to be authorized by a doctor or lawyer and collected by a disinterested third party. Thus, all New York State paternity cases meet the requirements for court-admissible testing.

Learn more about paternity testing for New York state residents.

There are no age restrictions for DNA test participants. When collection is performed by an adult as directed, the cheek swabs are even safe for infants.

Paternity test results usually take two (2) business days from the time that all samples arrive at the laboratory, as long as no recollection or additional testing is needed. If you chose 1-day or same-day results, your report will be posted accordingly. Other tests, like grandparent, sibling, or aunt/uncle tests, may take up to two (2) weeks.

If you included an email address on your paperwork, you will be notified once samples arrive at the lab. You will receive another notification once results are ready to view. Once the report has been posted, you can log in to view your results using the email address associated with the case or the case reference number and the password you selected for your case.

IMPORTANT: You cannot log in to your account until you are notified that your results are posted.

If you need assistance, feel free to call us at 800-344-9583, M-F from 8:30a to 5:30p ET.

We have a special paternity test kit for New York State. New York has a different paternity-testing process than other states that requires a doctor or a lawyer to first authorize the DNA test. DNA collection and submission must then be supervised by an approved witness. Call us at 800-344-9583, Monday through Friday from 8:30a - 5:30a ET, with any questions or to assist in finding a doctor in your area. You can also visit our paternity testing for New York state residents page.

We strongly recommend including the biological mother in a paternity test because her participation can strengthen the paternity test result. Occasionally, the mother is needed to get a conclusive result and we may contact you to request the mother's DNA sample.

For detailed information, see Why Test The Mother?

Very often, paternity can still be determined by testing relatives of the possible father, such as the possible father's parents. Testing can also be done for a brother or sister of the child or a brother or sister of the possible father. For guidance regarding this type of testing, please call us at 800-344-9583, Monday-Friday, 8:30a-5:30 ET.

About This Brand

About This Brand

HomeDNA empowers you with valuable information contained in your own DNA. This targeted selection of easy, at-home genetic tests will help you make better health and wellness choices and provide important answers about family relationships both past and present. Brought to you by DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), this innovative product line includes:

  • HomeDNA Ancestry Analysis + Report
  • Home DNA Healthy Weight Analysis + Report
  • HomeDNA Paternity Analysis + Report (formerly Identigene®)
  • HomeDNA Skin Care Analysis + Report

Established in 1995, DDC was founded on the belief that technological advancements in DNA testing should translate to services that are accessible and affordable to everyone. We have built an international reputation based on our commitment to reliability, innovation, and value by offering DNA testing services for paternity and other family relationships, forensics, animal breeders and veterinarians, and how wellness-inspired consumers. DDC's laboratory in Fairfield, Ohio is nationally and internationally recognized through multiple accreditations.

As an industry leader in DNA testing we offer:

  • A fully-accredited laboratory with state-of-the-art technology and robotics to ensure accuracy
  • A large team of expert PhDs to conduct results screening, testing, and research
  • A secured facility with established screening protocols to guarantee privacy and security

For over 25 years, we have earned the trust of our customers by carefully handling more than 20 million DNA samples. Your sensitive DNA test results always remain confidential, and we will not sell your personal data to third parties. DDC is the DNA testing laboratory trusted around the world.

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