Wisdom Panel® 3.0 Dog Breed Identification Test

Discover your dog's breed types and learn how to take care of your best friend.





Solve your Mutt Mystery: Identify the lineage of your beloved dog!

The Wisdom Panel® 3.0 Dog Breed Identification Test unleashes the power of DNA to pinpoint the lineage of your favorite mixed-breed pet. It can also be performed on designer and purebred dogs. This bestselling canine DNA test uses an easy-to-collect cheek cell sample to detect over 250 breeds and trace back to your dog's great-grandparents. Knowing your dog’s ancestry is fun and helps you customize a wellness plan to better suit your best friend's unique needs.

Kit Contents:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions printed on the box
  • Two (2) soft-bristled nylon cheek swab brushes for canines
  • Protective sleeve for samples
  • Shipping container with pre-paid return label

Results Back:

  • Within 2-3 weeks



The Wisdom Panel® Dog Breed Identification DNA Test provides dog owners with detailed information about their pet’s ancestry, including all breeds in the direct maternal and paternal lines going back three (3) generations, as well as specific behavior and wellness needs. This test uses an advanced SNP-based DNA technology process performed at a highly-accredited lab, so you can test with absolute confidence. Easily collect your dog’s DNA sample at home using a cheek swab. Mail samples to the lab and your results are posted within a few short weeks.

  • Over 250 AKC-registered breeds identified
  • No veterinarian needed
  • Test at any age
  • No special handling of samples required
  • Quick turnaround time

Benefits of the Dog Breed Identification DNA Test:

  • Learn more about your dog’s ancestral heritage
  • Understand predisposed breed health risks
  • Better health and wellness management
  • Diet and exercise can be tailored to your dog’s needs
  • Understand predisposed behaviors and personality traits
  • Train and play with them in ways that appeal to their natural talents
  • Get an answer to that common question: “What kind of dog is that?”


Test Results Include:

  • Certificate of Canine Breed Analysis
  • Detailed personalized report, which includes:
  • Your dog’s family tree
  • Genetic breed groups with the strongest statistical likelihood in your dog’s ancestry
  • Details about the breeds in your dog’s ancestry
  • An adult dog weight prediction with lifelong nutritional choices
  • A determination if your dog carries the MDR1 gene mutation that may cause severe reactions to common pet meds

View a Sample Wisdom Panel Report

How It Works

How It Works

Get Your Wisdom Panel® 3.0 Dog Breed Identification Test Report in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Order Kit: Place your order through our online store and we will ship your DNA collection kit to your preferred address
  2. Collect DNA: Follow the instructions printed on the box to collect your pet’s DNA sample 
  3. Mail Sample: Send the samples back to the laboratory in the postage paid box
  4. Analyze DNA: Your dog’s DNA sample is processed and analyzed by the scientists at the accredited lab
  5. Receive Results: 2-3 weeks after samples arrive at the lab, your pet's report is uploaded to your secure online account and ready for download

Detailed Sample Collection Instructions

IMPORTANT: Please wait approximately two hours after a meal or treat before collecting your dog's DNA.

  1. Peel back swab sleeve 2 inches (5 cm). Save sleeve for later.
  2. Obtain cheek cells by firmly rolling bristles between cheek and gums for about 15 seconds.
  3. Insert swab handle(s) into hole of carton to dry. Repeat steps 1-3 for all swabs. Use all swabs for one dog. 
  4. Log onto ActivateMyKit.com and activate your test using Sample ID.
  5. Write Activation Code on swab label.
  6. Reinsert dry swabs into protective sleeve. Do not reseal.
  7. Place sleeve with swabs into main box. Seal carton and mail. 

The Science Behind this Popular Dog Breed DNA Test:

  • The Wisdom Panel test extracts DNA from your dog’s cheek sample and then determines your pet’s genetic make-up or genotype by examining hundreds of specific sites on that DNA
  • During the subsequent analysis phase, that genetic profile is compared to more than 12,000 dog breed samples on file in the lab’s database
  • Experienced and highly-trained analysts can then determine which validated breeds make up your pet’s family tree



Frequently Asked Questions:

DNA testing is performed on cheek cells, which have the same genetic information as the white blood cells found in blood. In order to collect the DNA samples, we include a soft-bristled nylon cheek swab brush in your testing kit. This sampling method is specifically designed to be non-invasive and painless for your pet.

No. Our product allows you to perform the sample collection yourself, which will save you time, vet fees and a blood draw on your dog. Instead, cheek swabbing is done easily and comfortably by the pet owner, which avoids the trauma and expense of other sampling methods.?

On averagetest results are normally available within 7-10 days of receiving the DNA sample.

The test was developed using a population of breeds common to North America. Although we have plans on validating the test internationally, the current product has not been tested on populations of dogs in regions outside of North America, which may cause results to vary. ??

The test can be used to compare your dog genetically to known purebreds in a pre-specified breed to see how similar or dissimilar your dog is to members of that particular breed. However, the kennel clubs govern the definition of purity.

We request that you send back more than one swab in case you do not capture enough cheek cells on the first swab, then we have a another swab to repeat the test. 

About This Brand

About This Brand

The Wisdom Panel® Dog Breed Identification DNA test is a product of Mars Veterinary, a business unit of Mars Petcare, the world’s largest pet care provider. For nearly two decades, Mars has been researching canine genetics and providing state-of-the-art dog tests and accredited, validated lab services. Mars Veterinary was established in 2005 and since that time their team of scientists and geneticists has been analyzing canine DNA and identifying the most useful DNA SNP markers to distinguish between different dog breeds. 

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