23 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Children


23 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Children

Children are just the best, aren’t they? They bring joy to our lives and they represent the future, long after we’re gone. Even if we’re not parents ourselves, chances are good we’ve been parental figures to other people’s children at some point in our lives.

As a top DNA testing company that offers America’s #1 at-home kit, our job is to help parents find the answers they’re looking for, and those answers always involve children: They may be adults or tiny newborns, from a small village in Maine or down the street in Cincinnati—but each one is special. We are proud to give families peace of mind through easy, affordable at-home DNA testing. Every person has 23 pairs of chromosomes, so here are 23 reasons to be thankful for children and how they make our lives so rich.

They’re inspiring.
There’s something super-special about holding a brand-new infant, right? We want to be better adults when we look into those trusting eyes and leave the world a better place.

They’re challenging.
Raising kids is not for the faint of heart. Doing it right makes us find resources within ourselves for patience, wisdom, and unconditional love that we didn’t know we had!

They’re sincere.
4-year-olds tell us exactly what they think, don’t they? If you want to know if the jeans you’re wearing make you look fat, just ask a toddler and you’re sure to get an honest answer.

They’re joyful.
A firefly. A leave falling from a tree. The first snowflake of the season. Kids find joy and wonder in ordinary things, and their excitement about it all helps us see the world differently.

They’re silly.
Even if we’re having a bad day, when we hear the unbridled laughter of a child, it’s contagious and our mood is instantly brightened. And the jokes they make are the best.

They’re determined.
Whether it’s a baby rolling over for the first time or an older kid trying so hard to score that first soccer goal, children are determined. We can learn a lot from their fearlessness and tenacity.

They love to hug.
Doctors say hugging makes you healthier. If we have little children or grandchildren who love to hug, they could be having a positive impact on our blood pressure and heart rate.

They’re forgiving.
We all make mistakes as parents and grandparents. Saying we’re sorry when we’re wrong teaches them that none of us is perfect, and little folks are some of the most forgiving souls.

They keep us going.
Experts agree that parents are great motivators for children. But they do as much for us! No one can stay in bed moping all day when there’s a child depending on them.

They love holding hands.
As with hugging, multiple studies show holding hands reduces stress for everyone. Children love that connectedness, so we should take advantage every chance we get!

Their handmade gifts.
Nothing says “I love you” more sincerely than a crayon-smeared card or macaroni necklace. They’re the gifts we keep forever.

Their little voices.
Our little child’s voice is engrained in our hearts forever. It’s the sound of innocence, joy, love, and wonder. Isn’t it a shame that voice has to change over time?

Their tenderness.
If we’re sad, our kids can feel it and they might offer a hug or an “I love you” when we need it most. That tenderness is also shown toward their best friends, and especially animals.

Their wisdom.
Young children especially can show remarkable wisdom and they give us reality checks every day. They see not only with their eyes, but with their hearts.

They keep us humble.
As adults we sometimes think we know everything. A toddler asking the hard questions changes that mindset! Being a parent can make us realize how much we really don’t know.

Their optimism.
Small children tend to think the best of people and that the world is a friendly place. There’s nothing they can’t do or be, and that optimism is infectious.

They keep us focused.
Some days we just want to quit our jobs and go lie on a beach somewhere. Children remind us of our responsibilities and keep us from doing silly, impulsive things.

They keep life interesting.
When a child walks in the house covered in mud or decides to set the parakeet “free,” it certainly makes our lives more interesting, for better or for worse!

They are compassionate.
Children naturally have hearts of gold—if someone needs a hug, they give them one without a second thought. It hurts them at a visceral level to see someone or something suffering.

They’re noisy.
Children—whether baby or teenager—make noise. And lots of it. We may not appreciate it now, but we sure do miss that constant chaos when they’re grown and gone.

They’re unique.
DNA helps them look like one or both parents, but really, they’re unique individuals with their own personalities, thoughts, likes, and dislikes.

They’re beautiful.
Intense or lighthearted. Blue eyes or brown. Chubby or skinny. All kids are beautiful—in their own ways.

They give us purpose
If kids are a part of our lives, wouldn’t our days be a whole lot emptier without them to fill it up? Knowing who their parents are and where they come from can give our children purpose too.

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