5 Reasons to Take a DNA Test

5 Reasons to Take a DNA Test

How DNA Testing Works

DNA is a complex molecule that all living things have inside virtually every cell. This molecule contains a set of instructions, or markers, that give each cell the information it needs to create and sustain the specific organism. These instructions are a mixture of markers passed from the parent organisms during reproduction or conception of a new organism.

Most of your DNA markers are the same as everyone else. This is the DNA that makes you human. There is a tiny group of markers that make you the genetically unique human you are; these are the same instructions that may give you the eye color or facial features of your parents. Those are results we can see, but DNA goes much deeper than physical characteristics. With genes passed from generation to generation, mingling in all facets of your makeup, your DNA tells the story of exactly who you are, where you came from, and possibly aspects of your future too. Through DNA analysis, your unique genetic markers are defined, and a map is created of your specific genetic characteristics.

5 Reasons You Should Take a DNA Test

  1. Learn your true ethnicity. Most people associate themselves with an ethnic identity based on assumption. Maybe you are tracing your ancestors and are at a dead end or just want to know for sure which box to mark. Whether you want to know through curiosity or necessity, an at-homeDNA test compares your DNA to that of different regions of the world to give you a profile of the areas in which your DNA is a match.
  2. Paternity establishment. There are many reasons a person may want to establish paternity. Whether a participant wants to do the responsible thing or confirm a genetic relationship once and for all, DNA testing is 99 percent accurate in detecting the genetic connection of the individuals involved.
  3. For your health. Many people are turning to DNA testing for pinpointing potential disease risks, and even creating a personalized health or fitness regimen. Testing your DNA for health purposes can show genetic weaknesses and strengths in the makeup of your unique body, enabling you to then focus on preventing or treating conditions that may affect you.
  4. Find your family. Tracking your genealogy can be exciting! It can also be very frustrating when you hit a roadblock. DNA analysis ancestry testing can help ensure that you are looking in the right part of the world. You don’t want to waste your time searching your Spanish heritage when your traits that seem to be Spanish are actually Greek. A DNA test can put you back on track.
  5. Better understanding of yourself. We all have a need to understand why we are who we are: Why do I seem to gain weight easily? Where did my dark, glossy hair come from? DNA testing has the potential to answer these questions and more! Understanding who you are genetically can lead you to explore aspects of your heritage that you didn’t know existed and open doors to new and exciting discoveries.

Not all DNA tests are the same, so it’s important to choose one that gives you the information you want. Different tests look for different markers. Some look for paternity markers while others detect health or ethnicity markers. Take care to choose the test that is right for your needs.

At HomeDNA, our DNA testing services are fast and simple to complete. Order your HomeDNA genetic testing kit today to begin your journey to learning more about your health, your family and more.

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