What You Can Discover with DNA Tests

What You Can Learn From A DNA Test

DNA tests have sure come a long way. It wasn’t that long ago when the science was reserved mainly for paternity testing, forensics, and crime-solving. Now, at-home testing has become mainstream, and people just like you are taking advantage of the ease and affordability that come with being able to test from the comfort of home! If you’re looking for a fresh start and are anxious to learn something new, you have lots of choices. What can you learn about yourself through DNA analysis?

Specific lifestyle DNA tests can tell you a lot about yourself and improve your quality of life. Ancestry tests are probably the best known lifestyle tests, but there are other options too. For example, a skincare DNA test can give you info from a cellular level about your skin's collagen quality, elasticity, antioxidant levels, and more ,that you can use to determine the most effective topical skincare products for your precise genetic makeup. Armed with this knowledge about your skin’s genetic potential, you'll be better informed when making decisions aboutwhich skincare products can give your skin the best results. There are also tests that are designed to help you reach your ideal weight; this type of analysis provides info from your DNA about your body's response to different types of exercise as well as your genetic response to nutrients.There are even tests for our beloved pets that can help you to verify the breed and/or health of your dog. After all, our pets are part of the family too!

Curiosity is a big reason why people decide to have their DNA tested, but enhancing your health and well-being are also important reasons to take the step. Don’t you think it’s time to take advantage of technology to improve your life?

Choosing Your DNA Test Kit

There are several kits from HomeDNA available to give you the answers you want:

  • DNA test for ancestry: The GPS Origins® test can tell you in which areas of the world your family originated. This can give you great insight not only into where you need to look while researching your family tree, but also into the heritage and customs of the family you never met. It's one of the most specific DNA tests for ancestry on the market today.
  • DNA testing for weight and skin: Our home DNA tests can help you unlock the full potential of your skin and help you care for it and protect it. After you take our HomeDNA Skin Care test, we send you a comprehensive genetic report straight from our lab. This report provides you with specific recommendations for skincare ingredients, based on your DNA, allowing you to find the most effective topical skincare products and treatments for you. The Healthy Weight test can give you extensive and detailed information about your genetic response to individual types of exercise and food to help you reach your ideal healthy weight. Set more effective fitness goals and eliminate trial and error with our lab’s findings.
  • DNA testing for dogs: A DNA test for dogs is ideal for providing a picture of their genetic background and to verify their breed with our dog breed test


Common Misconceptions

Many people pass on the opportunity to test their DNA because of misconceptions:

  • Some individuals believe that the government, future employers or insurance companies will have access to their results. This is not true. There are laws in place that forbid these entities from basing decisions on the results of DNA testing
  • Privacy measures are also taken to make sure that your results are safe and secure
  • Some believe that the results are not accurate. DNA testing shows the truest picture of who you are or what your biological relationship is to others
  • Sometimes people avoid testing because they don’t want to give a blood sample. No blood sample is needed for testing; tests are done using your saliva and are usually collected by way of a cheek swab or having you spit into a small cup. No needles are needed except for non-invasive prenatal paternity tests
  • Watching the crime drama television shows can give you the idea that test results are available immediately. This is also not true. Depending on the kind of test you take, results may be up to eight weeks away. Certain testing can be available in a matter of 24 hours, but most require between three to six weeks for results. Fortunately, some test results are available online as soon as testing is completed

Don’t you think it’s time to put that curiosity to rest? HomeDNA provides an assortment of tests to meet your specific needs, with easy collection of samples and online results. Your privacy is a priority and your results are kept safe and secure: See our privacy policy.

Get the answers you’re looking for with DNA testing for you, your loved ones and even your pets, so you can all live healthier lives together. Take the next step with HomeDNA today.

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