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DNA Origins® Paternal Lineage

Use DNA testing to learn about your ancestral paternal line.


Dog DNA Health Screen and Life Plan™

Screen your dog for over 100 genetic diseases and traits, and get a customized Life Plan for your pet


HomeDNA™ Food & Pet Sensitivity

HomeDNA Food & Pet Sensitivity is a science-based DNA test that reveals how your genes may make you more sensitive to common irritants in these eight key areas.


HomeDNA™ Healthy Weight

Unlock the secret to achieving a healthy weight today, using insights from your own genetic code.


HomeDNA™ Paternity

America's #1 selling paternity test -- fast, accurate, and confidential.

Buy the kit through your favorite local retailer. Additional $139 lab fee required when registering.

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HomeDNA™ Skin Care

Take the guesswork out of buying beauty products and unlock your skin's full potential.


Mixed-Breed Dog Identification DNA Test and Life Plan™

Learn about your mixed-breed dog's lineage and get a customized Life Plan for your pet.