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GPS Origins® Algorithm - Upload Your Raw Data

Pinpoint your ancestry, going back 1,000 years or more! Before uploading your file, please see directions below, under "How to Download Your Raw Data."


DNA Origins® Maternal Lineage

Use DNA testing to learn more about the origins of your maternal ancestral line.


HomeDNA™ Starter Ancestry Test

DNA ancestral analysis compares your past with your present.


DNA Origins® Paternal Lineage

Use DNA testing to learn about your ancestral paternal line.


HomeDNA™ Food & Pet Sensitivity

The NEW Food & Pet Sensitivity Analysis & Report is currently available exclusively through select retailers and is coming soon to


HomeDNA™ Skin Care

Take the guesswork out of buying beauty products and unlock your skin's full potential.


HomeDNA™ Healthy Weight

Unlock the secret to achieving a healthy weight today, using insights from your own genetic code.


HomeDNA™ Advanced Ancestry Test

Comprehensive DNA analysis gives personal gene-pool percentages and familial DNA migration routes.


Mixed-Breed Dog Identification DNA Test and Life Plan™

Learn about your mixed-breed dog's lineage and get a customized Life Plan for your pet.